Saturday, April 5, 2014

Flower love ~ #flowers #Spring, #girls #tweens #tweengirls #April

350cb7b1ed42eac138dc4870068b6181a3ad8dc7b2489e54ab How is everything going girls? I hope the Winter was not too bad and the weather where you live is getting warmer. It was a nice Spring day here in Houston... with a few clouds. Don't you love the days that are filled with sunshine? You can go outside, spend time with pets, friends and family. As Spring moves along, we will begin to see lots of flowers growing and beautifying spaces all around! Not only do they look good, they often have a good smell. Those who have allergies may be allergic to the pollen. It so, they can make their own special flowers from colored tissue paper. If you like, pick some flowers and give them to someone that you love! Have a fun Sunday! You are a rock star! Marie