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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day ~ #MothersDay #tweens #tweengirls , #blogs, #love, #mother

Today is Mother's Day and I hope you have given your Mom a special hug! Moms care for us and show us how to solve problems. They make sure that you are fed, find things that are lost, and go shopping for new purses and shoes. Moms may take you to practice,birthday parties, to the mall, or to the pool. She is your first teacher and she laughs at you when you act silly. There are times that you and Mom may disagree and you may walk away feeling very upset. You may yell and cry because things do not go your way. Forgive. Give her your best smile.Remember that Mom is doing what she thinks is best for you. Those who have no Mom may feel sad for their loss. They will keep the memories alive by looking at photographs and remembering what she enjoyed doing. Moms, grandmothers, step-moms, and those who are called "Mom" are gifts that should be appreciated. Today, look at her and Say "Thank you Mom!".

Sunday, March 30, 2014

watermelon ~ #watermelon #fruit #melon #snacks #food #tweens #nutrition #blogsforgirls, #blogs

Sweet Sunday girls! What is your favorite snack or dessert? Do you like sweet or salty snacks? If you enjoy the sweet taste, you may want to add more watermelon to your menu. Watermelon has lots of vitamin C,natural sugars, and is good for the heart. Ice box watermelons usually are about 5 to 15 pounds. However, in the Guinness World Book of records, Bill Rogerson of North Carolina grew a 279 pound watermelon! Now, that is huge! How many people would it take to eat that one? There are different kinds of watermelon, just as there are different types of trees. The flesh of the watermelon can be red, orange, and sometimes yellow. Some have seeds and some do not. Most of us take the seeds out before we eat the watermelon. I know some people who dry the seeds and then use them for art work. There are many ways to use the fruit, such as popsicles, watermelon lemonade, watermelon cookies, and watermelon cake. Google "watermelon uses" to find more uses. So, while you are enjoying apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, or strawberries ... Don't forget about the delectable watermelon!! Hug your beautiful and kind self today!! :) Marie

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Style Lab Makeover ~ (use with Nintendo DSi), #makeover, #gamesforgirls, #stylemakeover #girlmakeovers #tweens, #tweengirls

Play Style Makeover game ~ •Use your mini-game points to go shopping for new beauty products and send them to friends. •Become part of the game by taking your picture with the Nintendo DSi and using it to create your own face in the game and then find the perfect styles to suit your facial features. •Transform yourself by taking on beauty challenges to improve your skills, which will earn you points and rewards, and by learning tips and tricks that you can use in real life. •Discover your own unique style with personality tests and in-game expert recommendations, then unleash your creativity in Free Mode, where your imagination has no limits. •Take pictures of your friends and give them makeovers with your new expertise. You have great style! Marie

Monday, August 19, 2013

Are you ready for school? #shoes, #girlsshoes, #converse, #pinkshoes, #sneakers, #backtoschool, #tweens, #tweengirls

Hello there smart girls! I hope you all have had a fun and relaxing summer! I know it is hard thinking about school again, but the time is going to be here soon. How are your getting ready? How do your like these converse shoes for school? Pink and purple ... cool or uncool? And hay, what activities are you going to be involved in this school year? Making new friends always make the school year fly by! Keep it classy, Marie. Oh,Write me if you like this blog.... pretty please :o) )

Thursday, June 6, 2013

"I know who I am!" #selfimage, #obesity,#exercise, #fitness,#selfesteem #littlemix

Good health this Summer~ Do you like the music of Little Mix? Yes! They are cool and smart.Smart girls listen to their inner heart. Some girls are skinny. Others are mid-size. There are girls who may be overweight. Let's look at what is really important! It is important to have a healthy body....Unless you have developed an illness. (That cannot be predicted all of the time) If bad food is being put into the body, there may be a chance that the body will not have enough good nutrition. This is why your parents, family, friends, and teachers talk about good health. It is the most important thing that a girl can do for herself. It is not a good idea to try and look like celebrities or models in the magazines. Keep it real. Nobody looks better that YOU! Good food comes from a plant. Your parents can decide which foods are good for your growth. Believing in you, Marie

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Neon ~ #converse,#converseshoes,#neon,#neonshoes,#shoes,#sneakers,#kidsshoes

How do you like these Converse neon shoes girls? They look comfortable and stylish! Make sure you are getting your daily exercise and eating fresh foods! What are some of your favorite fresh foods? ~apple slices ~grapes ~carrots ~bananas ~tomatoes ~blue berries ~strawberries ~watermelon ~garden salad Keep it healthy...Healthy girl-Healthy Life! Marie

Saturday, March 23, 2013

talent ~ #talent,#inspiration, #motivation,#selfesteem,#sunglasses

How do you like these rainbow sunglasses girls? Remember to use your energy to focus on your talents! The past is behind you. Don't look back, you are not going that way! Marie

Friday, February 8, 2013

Caroline, Be My Valentine ~ #valentines,#valentinesday,#loveletters,#middleschool,#shortstories

Caroline and Trina were exhausted from running laps around the football field.The girls were in 8th grade and were on the junior high girl's track team.Their coach was nice and they thought it would be a lot of fun. It was fun belonging to a team and practice was a lot of work. Caroline was up for the challange because she liked competition and it was good exercise. Caroline said bye to Trina and ran outside to the parking lot where her mom was waiting.She and her mom talked about her learning to drive in a couple of years. Caroline was excited about that.She was always up to learning new things.Caroline asked her mom to stop by the Walgreens to pick up some construction paper.She had a language arts assignment to finish for school. It was a Valentine's Day activity.Mrs. Lane told the class to write a short paragraph about themselves.The writing was suppose to describe themselves to someone who did not know them. The next morning,Caroline woke up and did some yoga stretches before she got ready for school.It seemed to help her sore leg muscles.She had glued her paragraph onto pink construction paper.Caroline put her homework in the Language folder.The paragraph that described her personality was done.She had written that she was friendly,athletic,honest,loved talking/texting on her cellphone,and talked about her collection of key chains. Language class had begun.Caroline walked past Eric to her desk. He smiled at her and she smiled back.(She had a secret crush on Eric) Mrs.Lane asked for the students to take out their homework assignments.Mrs.Lane told them to switch their papers with someone beside them or behind them. Then, she told them to write down 1 nice thing about the person behind paper that they received.This would continue until each student wrote a message on everyone's paper. After everyone finished the task,Caroline was reading the comments on her paper.All of the mesages were kind and she thought it was interesting to see what others thought of her!She began to read what Eric had written, "You have a pretty smile.Can I walk you to gym class sometime? Be My Valentine,Eric." Caroline was smiling and her heart must have skipped a beat!(She did not let Eric know...he was a boy and she wanted to play it cool.) Wow! Caroline slept real good that night and felt a tingle in her heart.She couldn't wait to tell Trina at track practice the next day.It was the best Valentine's Day ever! happy thoughts, Marie Brewer

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

communicate ~ #communication,#tweens,#tweengirls,#selfesteem

Hi girls! Tell someone how you really feel today! Some examples: ~ if you don't like her shirt, if you are asked you opinion...then say "not so much!" ~ if you don't like pizza and cheeseburgers... then say' "No, thanks!" ~ if your friend has the flu and wants you to come to her house...say "I'm sorry, but something has come up and I can't make it this evening." ~ if you fall down flat on your face at school in front of everybody... say, "Oh, get a grip!If you had an ounce of kindness,you would be helping me pick these books up!" ~ if you want to take karate classes instead of ballet... then tell them! They may understand and agree with you! Tell it!... if you don't, who will? Marie

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello Kitty ~ #hellokitty,#headphones,#kidsheadphones,#tweens,#tweenblogging

(at Target) Hey girls, Hope you had a fantastic holiday yesterday. It's back to the books today! It may seem a little boring to some of you now, but keep on learning! You will be glad that you did! Hello Kitty has so many products out there today.The company makes everything from purses and lip gloss to lunch bags! How do you like these pink and black Hello Kitty head phones? Keeping up with big fashion ~ Marie Brewer

Thursday, January 17, 2013

denim jacket ~ #denimjacket,#outerwear,#cherokee,#jackets

(from Target) Hi girls! How are you keeping warm this winter? Sweaters, coats, jackets,ski jackets, leather, and capes are always good fashion choices! Keep it stylish ~ Marie Brewer :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fitness tips ~ #exercise,#fitnesstips,#zumba,#fitness,#tweens,#tweengirls

Hey now! Make sure you get your exercise in today girls! Fitness tips for tween girls: ~ Write down your workout activity on your calendar in your room or locker.This will help you to remember what you had planned for each day of the week! These should be activities that you like to do! ~ You can sort your exercise into 2 workout sessions.For example: The upper body workout can be done on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays would be the days for the lower body exercises. Things won't be so boring if you change it up! ~ If the body feels good, the mind will too! ~ GO! Marie

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rebecca ~ #marijuana,#drugs,#hotchocolate,#peerpressure,

It was snowing today in Iowa where Rebecca and Felicia lived with their parents. Felicia was in tenth grade and Rebecca has always looked up to her.They always had fun playing games,shopping,cooking,taking pictures,singing and other fun stuff. Rebecca walked home holding her owls umbrella and kicked a popsicle stick off of the sidewalk with her uggs."Who eats a popsicle in this cold weather?",Rebecca thought. She thought that she may make some hot chocolate after dinner and sip on it while she finished her English homework.Marshmellows on the top of the hot chocolate and a dash of cinnamon would be a great added touch. Rebecca loved school and was in seventh grade this year.Yeah, school was cool and she made A's and B's in her classes.Her parents told her that they were very proud of her!The only thing was ...there was something that was really bugging Rebecca. She was keeping a secret from her parents and she was not happy about it! OMG...she was stressing! It all began on the first Friday after the New Year started.Rebecca's parents went out to a movie that night.They asked Felicia to stay at home with Rebecca until they got back home.Felecia said,"Fine." Felicia wanted to go out with some friends,but it was okay with her.When their parents left,Felicia decided to invited 3 of her friends over to hang out at their home.There were 2 girls and 1 boy and Rebecca had met them before.Rebecca twirled around and sang: "I get to sing with the teens tonight...Yeahhh, it will be all riiiight..." Felicia told her that she was "Silly Becca". Well, Felicia could not decide whether to pop some popcorn or order out for pizza. So, she did both.The friends came by and they all watched a movie,talked,ate,and listened to music. Rebecca was tired and went to bed early. Felicia asked Rebecca to take her backpack upstairs and put it on her bed.Rebecca said that she would. About thirty minutes later,Rebecca had showered and changed into her pj's.She was brushing her teeth when she thought: "Oh, wow!I forgot to get Felicia's backpack!".Rebecca rinsed her mouth and headed down the stairway while brushing her hair.She got about halfway down the steps when she saw one of Felicia's friends trying to give her a marijuana cigarette.She overheard her sister tell her guy friend,"no! I don't smoke ... and I don't do drugs !!" He was telling her to try it..."just one time." Rebecca ducked down and sat on one of the steps of the stairs while Felicia continued to argue with her friend. "What is going on?",Rebecca thought. Finally, Felicia's friend slipped the marijuana into Felicia's backpack.He told her that she could smoke it at another time.Rebecca's heart was beating so fast! Then,Rebecca dropped her brush and Felicia turned around. She asked her sister why she wasn't in bed yet. Rebecca calmed herself down and in a tiny voice said, "I forgot to bring your backpack up..." Felicia said, " shew! go to bed, I'll bring it up! Nite Becca!" Rebecca flew up those stairs.She couldn't believe what had just happened!Should she talk to Felicia about it? Should she tell her parents? Fiddle sticks! This was bad!Rebecca was so freaked out that she could only sleep after hearing that her parents had made it home a few minutes later. Days passed and Felicia did not say a word to Rebecca about that night. Now,Rebecca had arrived home.She unlocked the door and closed her owl umbrella after shaking the snow off of it. At seven o'clock,everyone sat down to dinner.Grilled chicken,sweet potatoes, and spinach was on the table.Rebecca was silent during dinner and her mom asked what was wrong. She said that it was nothing.Rebecca glanced at Felicia,got up from the table and put her dish away. Rebecca asked her mom,"Where's the large pot? I'm going to make some hot chocolate."A few minutes later,the chocolate was ready and Rebecca poured it into a mug.She finished the last page of her homework while sipping on the yummy drink...It made her feel good good that she knew that she had to get the truth out of her brain.Rebecca pulled her mom into the laundry room and told her EVERYTHING about the marijuana. Her mom said that she would take care of it and hugged Rebecca so tight. Rebecca knew that the had done the right thing...and she felt so much better! Set your truth free...Marie

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Do you wear a watch? ~ #watches,#girlswatches,#kohls,#tweenblogging,#tweens

How do you like this watch? Where would you wear it? Do you think you need a watch if you have a cell phone? Do you think people wear watches to be stylish? Make time count! Marie