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Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday is magnificent ! #monday, #advice,#tweens,#tweenblogs,#Monday

Have a beautiful Monday~ Monday is the start of the school week and sometimes it is hard getting out of the bed.The alarm goes off and you are still tired and sleepy.... I know. Shake it off,take a deep breath and find your energy! Concentrate on the good that will happen today .... and get rid of the Monday blues! Do your best on this Monday and on each day of the week! Monday can be the best day ever!! Marie

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stomp out fear ~ #selfconfidence,#tweengirls,#selfesteem,#tweenblogs,#adolescence

Shelly was born in a small town in the country. She grew up with loving and caring parents.They protected and provided her.They taught her how to tell the truth.As in all families there were disagreements.Sometimes there were words that were said that made her sad. Shelly looked at her father as her teacher and hero.Her father taught her how to be strong and how to pick herself up after trouble. He was a good person,but some of his words hurt.The most hurtful words that he spoke were,"You can't do that! You don't know how to do this!" Those few words hurt her on the inside.She thought the words were true and hid her voice and talents.Afterall,this was her dad speaking to her. Years past.Shelly is a teenager now and kept her courage.She could not let those words destroy her happy heart.She loved her father and knew he did not mean any harm.The words came from him and she chose not to believe them.She decided to try.Even if she failed,she could say that she tried.Shelly tried out for cheerleading,the drill team,band,basketball,and joined various clubs in high school.She saw that she could do things! Today,Shelly knows that the strength that her father helped her to stop doubting herself!She learned that she will only listen to positive words and stomp out her fears! Keep sweet, Marie

Friday, September 28, 2012

keep up the motivation ~ #tweengirls,#selfconfidence,#tweens

"Keep motivated girls! If you are not looking forward to that Math class,make sure you let the teacher or other classmates know.If they do not know you are struggling with a subject,how can they help? Every last one of us has issues, ya know! It's nothing to feel embarrassed about!You owe it to your self to get that knowledge. Besides,we all have different talents.We all have strengths and weaknesses...gosh!Our differences are what makes the world go round. :0), Marie ~ tween girls,middle school,girls,advice for girls,motivation for girls,self esteem,self confidence,tweens,tween blogs,inspiration,self image