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Friday, November 23, 2012

Earrings ~ #tweenfashion,#tweenshopping,#tweengirls,#earrings,#claires

Check out this ear candy from Claire's. Do you like the strawberries or the pink pig? Both are adorable and great for gifts or for yourself! Happy break-from-school! Marie

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jamie ~ #tweens,#tweengirls,#friends,#tweenblogs,#adolescence

The cool girl ~ Jamie She tried making friends all day, Some would go And some would stay Walking with a long stride, Her eyes were gleaming And her smile was wide Her books in one hand; the cell in the other, told she was a princess, especially by her mother Jamie got their numbers while on the floor, In the gym, at lunch, After school and more didn’t want to be in the circle of just 3 friends, she had a lot to share with others so following others had to end. ~Marie Brewer, (share your words with a new friend today)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday world ~

Saturdays are the best days,aren't they? You don't have to get up early and get dressed for school.It may be a good morning to find a good breakfast recipe and take time to enjoy it! If it is raining outside and kind of dreary - games,reading,listening to music, or talking to friends may be on your agenda. Whatever you plan,keep the talk sweet! Learn something new! keep pushing, Marie saturday,motivation,inspiration,self confidence,self esteem,tweens,tween girls,adolescence,middle school,