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Thursday, June 6, 2013

"I know who I am!" #selfimage, #obesity,#exercise, #fitness,#selfesteem #littlemix

Good health this Summer~ Do you like the music of Little Mix? Yes! They are cool and smart.Smart girls listen to their inner heart. Some girls are skinny. Others are mid-size. There are girls who may be overweight. Let's look at what is really important! It is important to have a healthy body....Unless you have developed an illness. (That cannot be predicted all of the time) If bad food is being put into the body, there may be a chance that the body will not have enough good nutrition. This is why your parents, family, friends, and teachers talk about good health. It is the most important thing that a girl can do for herself. It is not a good idea to try and look like celebrities or models in the magazines. Keep it real. Nobody looks better that YOU! Good food comes from a plant. Your parents can decide which foods are good for your growth. Believing in you, Marie

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fitness tips ~ #exercise,#fitnesstips,#zumba,#fitness,#tweens,#tweengirls

Hey now! Make sure you get your exercise in today girls! Fitness tips for tween girls: ~ Write down your workout activity on your calendar in your room or locker.This will help you to remember what you had planned for each day of the week! These should be activities that you like to do! ~ You can sort your exercise into 2 workout sessions.For example: The upper body workout can be done on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays would be the days for the lower body exercises. Things won't be so boring if you change it up! ~ If the body feels good, the mind will too! ~ GO! Marie

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Day for Emma Sue ~ #childhoodobesity, #tweens,#tweenblogs,#selfesteem,#writing,#journalwriting,#healthy,

(from Justice) This was a new year and Emma Sue wanted to lose some weight.She is 40 pounds overweight and she does not like it. Emma Sue's parents have been trying to buy and prepare healthy foods.They told Emma Sue that she would need to stop eating foods that are high in calories and bad for her body.Pizza,fried chicken,cheese burgers,pasta,soda,cookies,pies,cakes,candy, and ice cream were off of the menu.Instead of these foods,Emma Sue would eat healthy meals and snacks. After searching on the internet and reading articles on weight loss, Emma Sue's parents had a plan.They would make turkey burgers instead of regular cheese burgers.Greek yogurt would be substituted for ice cream and the skinless chicken would be baked or grilled. Emma Sue was willing to eat less sugar and agreed to eat smaller meals.Her parents wanted this new lifestyle to be a family task.Emma Sue's mother began to shop for organic fruits,vegetables,and bought almond milk instead of cow's milk.She read the labels of the grocery items that she purchased.Sometimes Emma Sue would look at the label of a box of cereal...there were long words that she could not pronounce! The family had to watch the salt and sugar that they put into their bodies,so they bought a lot of fresh food instead of boxed foods.Emma Sue's mom taught her how to make kale with olive oil,garlic,vinegar,vegetable broth, and a pinch of nutmeg.For snacks, Emma Sue ate apples,greek yogurt,berries,nut,whole wheat crackers, and sunflower butter. Instead of snickers or other candy,she chose to eat a small piece of dark chocolate.She was happy to learn how to cook her own food. Exercise had to be added to their daily routines.Emma Sue's dad made up an exercise schedule for the whole family. They would exercise for one hour a day, seven days a week!Emma's parents woke up early before work and walked outside or used the treadmill before work. Emma Sue walked or ran with some friends after school.Sometimes Emma would run up and down the stairs/bleachers at the school.On the weekends, the family went to their backyard,the park,or the YMCA to play games and work out.She got better at exercising everyday! Her parents encouraged her and she wanted to play outdoor games without breathing so hard.There were kids who laughed at her at school and on the school bus.Emma Sue hated it.She wanted to fit in and have good times with the other kids.Yes, Emma Sue would show them! She would not give up on herself! In a couple of weeks, Emma Sue and her family began to see great changes in their bodies.They had more energy and Emma Sue's acne started to clear up! Her mom lost 6 pounds and her father lost 12 pounds in 5 weeks.Emma Sue lost 9 pounds in the first month.She was so happy in the months to come!She looked in the mirror and saw a nice girl with new energy and a healthy body. On that day, Emma Sue decided that she would never go back to eating foods that were filled with saturated fat and sugar. One evening in March, Emma Sue got on the school bus.A boy that was in a seat behind her yelled,"Hey!Emma Sue, how did you lose so much weight?" Emma Sue turned around, and said,"I just stopped eating the food that makes YOU stand up and ask crazy questions!" Yes, it was a new day for Emma Sue.She is a Power Girl! find your kindness, Marie

Thursday, October 25, 2012

yoga ~ #yoga, #yogaforkids #exercise #tweens #childhoodobesity

Tween Yoga 001 Yoga is about relaxing the body.In yoga classes they teach you how to breathe.They teach all kinds of stretches and poses. You may know some people who do yoga for exercise. Ask them to teach you a couple of moves and stretches! Sweet relaxation, Marie

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

bike riding ~ #exercise #fitness #tweens #bicycles

sendagaya_pink_bicycle Riding your bike is a good way to get daily exercise.If your bike is broken or has a flat,get someone to fix it. Feel free while riding your bike.Don't forget to stop at STOP signs and look both ways before crossing the street! What color is your bike? Have you ever raced friends with your bike?Do you remember learning how to ride a bike? Sweet riding, Marie

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fitness tip~ #fitness,#exercise,#hulahoops

Hula Hoop Dancer Use the hula hoop for a great workout!It is a fantastic cardio exercise and will get the heart and lungs pepped up! Get with some friends or family members and have fun and hoop it up! *Consult your doctor before starting any exercise program!

Monday, October 8, 2012

fitness tip ~ #exercisetips #tweens,#tweenblogging

Fitness tips ~ *go walking with your friends or parents after school.Walking is good for the body. *play outdoor games with your siblings or friends *walk or run with the dog. *jump rope ~ Jumping rope is a good cardio exercise.It gets the heart pumping! *Try a new exercise that you have never done before: soccer,karate,skating,baseball,dodgeball,basketball,swimming,or table tennis may be fun to try!

Monday, October 1, 2012

body moves ~ #exercise,#fitness

Can you believe it is October all ready? The tree leaves are beginning to fall to the earth.Maybe that's why they call it Fall. Health experts think that exercise is good for the body.It may also help with the brain as far as thinking power. You may like Physical Education class,riding your bike,walking the dog,swimming,jogging,jumping jacks,dancing,or soccer.Whatever exercise you choose,you will feel pumped after the activity.Drink water as needed to keep the fluids flowing. If you have friends who may not be very active,ask them to join you in the fitness acitvity! Keep the body moving! Stay sweet, Marie adolescence,fitness,exercise,physical education,growing up,middle school,motivation, kids fitness,childhood obesity,tween girls,tweens,self esteem,self confidence,self image,

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stomp out fear ~ #selfconfidence,#tweengirls,#selfesteem,#tweenblogs,#adolescence

Shelly was born in a small town in the country. She grew up with loving and caring parents.They protected and provided her.They taught her how to tell the truth.As in all families there were disagreements.Sometimes there were words that were said that made her sad. Shelly looked at her father as her teacher and hero.Her father taught her how to be strong and how to pick herself up after trouble. He was a good person,but some of his words hurt.The most hurtful words that he spoke were,"You can't do that! You don't know how to do this!" Those few words hurt her on the inside.She thought the words were true and hid her voice and talents.Afterall,this was her dad speaking to her. Years past.Shelly is a teenager now and kept her courage.She could not let those words destroy her happy heart.She loved her father and knew he did not mean any harm.The words came from him and she chose not to believe them.She decided to try.Even if she failed,she could say that she tried.Shelly tried out for cheerleading,the drill team,band,basketball,and joined various clubs in high school.She saw that she could do things! Today,Shelly knows that the strength that her father helped her to stop doubting herself!She learned that she will only listen to positive words and stomp out her fears! Keep sweet, Marie