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Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey, Are you REALLY my friend? #friends #tweens

(glove is at J C Penny) Friends are cool! We need good friends! Great friends are even cooler! Girls and their friends may like to go to sleepovers,listen to music,and hang out at the mall together. Have you ever spent time with someone who you thought was your friend? Then,something happened and you had to let them go. Yes,that happens.Maybe there was a disagreement or they spilled private information.Why did she do that???!!! Take your time and choose friends carefully.Check them out and watch their actions. If you start to see things that may not be quite right,you may want to touch the pause button. So, have fun,listen,and make new friends as often as you like! A good friend is priceless! Keep it sweet, Marie

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jessica and the red paint ~ #tweens,#friendship,#tweenblogs

Jessica and Ariel ran up the steps to the school choir room before the class started.They had "free time" in choir today because the choir teacher was out of town.Jessica and Ariel brought paints from Art class and were going to make abstract drawings in class. Jessica almost tripped on the step to the choir room and sat down to tie her shoe strings.Ariel went inside and began to take her brush and paint out of her backpack. Jessica looked over and saw a girl by the rail.She had an old worn purse that sat on top of her school books.Jessica said "hi" and asked her what her name was.She said,"Lilly".Lilly said she was waiting on her cousin. Jessica saw Beverly Simon coming up the steps of the choir room.Beverly was mean to certain girls and made fun of them all of the time.Jessica heard Beverly tell another girl,"Ewweeee!Look at that old ugly purse!That looks like a grandma purse!!"Beverly and the other girl started laughing as they entered the choir room. Jessica saw that Lilly heard what Beverly had said.Jessica told Lilly not to pay her any attention...She told her that Beverly always put others down to make herself feel good. Lilly did not say anything,but Jessica could see that her feelings were hurt. Jessica said goodbye to Lilly and went inside to sit by Ariel.She told Ariel what had happened. Jessica thought about Beverly's behavior and was boiling inside,but knew she had to keep calm. Choir class was almost over.Jessica and Ariel sat the red paint on one of the chairs because there was no room on the table.The girls were admiring their works of art when they heard someone running behind them.It was Beverly.As she was running by,she tripped on the leg of the chair with the red paint.Beverly fell on the floor! The chair and the tub of red paint spilled onto her hand,arm, and her white jeans! "Ouch!!" said Beverly.Jessica and Ariel helped her to her feet. Everyone in the class laughed.Beverly was crushed with embarrassment.She had to walk through the hallway as the kids stared,pointed,and laughed at her. Jessica only hoped that from now on Beverly would try to be kinder to others. Sweet words, Marie