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Monday, February 11, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Caroline, Be My Valentine ~ #valentines,#valentinesday,#loveletters,#middleschool,#shortstories

Caroline and Trina were exhausted from running laps around the football field.The girls were in 8th grade and were on the junior high girl's track team.Their coach was nice and they thought it would be a lot of fun. It was fun belonging to a team and practice was a lot of work. Caroline was up for the challange because she liked competition and it was good exercise. Caroline said bye to Trina and ran outside to the parking lot where her mom was waiting.She and her mom talked about her learning to drive in a couple of years. Caroline was excited about that.She was always up to learning new things.Caroline asked her mom to stop by the Walgreens to pick up some construction paper.She had a language arts assignment to finish for school. It was a Valentine's Day activity.Mrs. Lane told the class to write a short paragraph about themselves.The writing was suppose to describe themselves to someone who did not know them. The next morning,Caroline woke up and did some yoga stretches before she got ready for school.It seemed to help her sore leg muscles.She had glued her paragraph onto pink construction paper.Caroline put her homework in the Language folder.The paragraph that described her personality was done.She had written that she was friendly,athletic,honest,loved talking/texting on her cellphone,and talked about her collection of key chains. Language class had begun.Caroline walked past Eric to her desk. He smiled at her and she smiled back.(She had a secret crush on Eric) Mrs.Lane asked for the students to take out their homework assignments.Mrs.Lane told them to switch their papers with someone beside them or behind them. Then, she told them to write down 1 nice thing about the person behind paper that they received.This would continue until each student wrote a message on everyone's paper. After everyone finished the task,Caroline was reading the comments on her paper.All of the mesages were kind and she thought it was interesting to see what others thought of her!She began to read what Eric had written, "You have a pretty smile.Can I walk you to gym class sometime? Be My Valentine,Eric." Caroline was smiling and her heart must have skipped a beat!(She did not let Eric know...he was a boy and she wanted to play it cool.) Wow! Caroline slept real good that night and felt a tingle in her heart.She couldn't wait to tell Trina at track practice the next day.It was the best Valentine's Day ever! happy thoughts, Marie Brewer

Friday, February 1, 2013