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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

write ~ #journalwriting,#diaries,#writing,#middleschool,#tweenblogs,#tweens

Do you keep a journal or diary? Sometimes it's good to get those weird feelings and moments down on paper! *Omg,I could not believe she said,"your shirt is too big!" *The teacher passed out new neon rulers,I didn't get one and had to share with Krista. *I want to go to Sarah's party on Friday,but I'm afraid my parents will say,"no." *My room is so drab...Maybe I'll put some stuff in boxes,then put up some new posters so it will be more colorful. geezzz...writing can be just as fun as the cellphone and wii games. write more to stress less ~ Marie

Saturday, October 27, 2012

dear diary ~ #tweens,#diary #diaries #poems #tweengirls #journalwriting

(diaries are at Justice) Oh hey dear diary, what's new today, going to write to you, and I've plenty to say, friends,school,home,& pet, sleepovers and fun, reading blogs on the net, dancing on Wii, tomorrow? Let's see..., Got some new friends, lost some too, I love myself so much, How about you? * sweet writing,Marie