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Monday, February 10, 2014

journals ~ #journals, #journalwriting, #writing, #tweens, #tweengirls, #tweenblogs

Have a fantastic Monday girls! Do you all have a journal? You can decorate them any way that you wish and it is a great way to express your thoughts! Hugs, Marie

Saturday, December 29, 2012

journal writing ideas ~ #journalwriting,#diary,#writing,#journals,#tweens,#tweengirls

Are you having fun during this break from school? Here are more journal writing ideas: * write about what you like about your room * write about what you do NOT like about one of your friends * Imagine that you can not hear.What would life be like? * If you could start a business,what would it be and tell why you like it. * Write about your favorite drink,the color, how it taste,and tell what ingredients are in it. Have a super day! Marie

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jessie finds joy~#counseling,#journalwriting,#Jessie,#tweenblogs,#anger

Jessie was a rude girl.She never spoke to the boys and girls at school.She would talk in class and gave a frown to the teachers when they asked her to be quiet."Thank You" and "please" was not in her vocabulary. When someone bumped into her in the hallway,Jessie would say'"Watch where you're going!"She was in a bad mood every day of the week.Her parents asked what was wrong.She did not tell them because she wanted to solve her own problems. She wore her long brown hair in a pony tail.Her family was poor and she had two younger brothers in elementary school.It was Jesssie's job to care for her brother until her parents got home from work. Seventh grade was very stressful for Jessica.It was a new school.Her family had moved to Kansas City at the end of the summer.The middle school had 1,200 studenst.Jessie hated walking down the was so many kids and made her dizzy just looking at them. Jessie talked to some girls and boys in class,but she did not have any close friends.There were girls who tried to be friends with Jessie,but she never hung out with any of them.The teachers were nice and tried to help Jessie. One of her teachers asked if Jessie could join the counselor's group.Jessie's parents agreed to this.Ms.Marsha was the school counselor.The told Jessie that counselors were there to help her with her feelings and thoughts. Jessie agreed to join the counselor group.Eight kids were in this group. The counselor took Jessie and a group of other kids to the library every Tuesday. Tuesday came.Jessie was a little nervous and played with her pony tail as she and the others waited outside of Ms. Marsha's office. Jessie sat down on the bench and looked at the other kids in the group.They looked 'pretty regular',Jessie thought.She sat by a girl whose name was Shelly.They smiled at each other.No one was screaming or fighting. Then Ms.Marsha came out and they all went to sit at a large table in the library.Jessie was surprised to see that the kids in the group had problems just like her.One boy said that his dad left the family.The boy started to cry and put his head down into his hands.Ms.Marsha listened to the boy and told him that he would be ok.Ms. Marsha told Jessie to bring a writing journal to the next group meeting. Jessie brought her writing tablet to the meeting.Ms.Marshs told the group to write about something that made them feel angry.Jessie took out her pen and began to think about what to write. She wrote: "I don't like being away from my grandmother.We moved her during the summer and it was so hard.My father got another job and we had to leave my other city.My grandmother made me feel so special and I miss her smile.She taught me how to decorate Christmas stockings.I used to help her make chocolate chip cookies too.We would sit outside and talk while we ate the cookies with some almond milk.Grand ma would always tell me stories of what she did when she was younger.I don't want to be at this school.I am not happy here." Jessie had not figured out why she was so upset.She like the counseling class and began to talk about the things that were bothering her.If she did not want to talk,she could write it down on paper. Wow! What a relief! Jessie is doing better now and has made new friends.She was sorry for treating other so badly because she did not want to leave her grandma.The family is now visiting grandma more often which is really cool with Jessie!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

journal writing topics ! #journalwriting,#writing,#tweenblogs,#writingtopics

(These colorful journals are at Justice ) journal writing topics: *favorite recipe (get from your mom or dad). *write about what you like most about school. *what you would give your parents for the holidays if you could afford it *write about an accident that happened to you,(an injury,burn,illness,or etc.) *write about winter and summer and which season that you like the best and why. great writing,/ Marie

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Do you keep a journal or diary? Sometimes it's good to get those weird feelings and moments down on paper! *Omg,I could not believe she said,"your shirt is too big!" *The teacher passed out new neon rulers,I didn't get one and had to share with Krista. *I want to go to Sarah's party on Friday,but I'm afraid my parents will say,"no." *My room is so drab...Maybe I'll put some stuff in boxes,then put up some new posters so it will be more colorful. geezzz...writing can be just as fun as the cellphone and wii games. write more to stress less ~ Marie

Saturday, October 27, 2012

dear diary ~ #tweens,#diary #diaries #poems #tweengirls #journalwriting

(diaries are at Justice) Oh hey dear diary, what's new today, going to write to you, and I've plenty to say, friends,school,home,& pet, sleepovers and fun, reading blogs on the net, dancing on Wii, tomorrow? Let's see..., Got some new friends, lost some too, I love myself so much, How about you? * sweet writing,Marie